Designed by one of Malaysia’s foremost architects, Mr Jimmy CS Lim, renowned for his award-winning tropical house designs, Sri Ananda at Bukit Ledang is a residence like no other.  The landscape architect is Mr Ng Sek San, principal of Seksan Design, formerly of Belt Collins Landscape Architects where he was involved in many award-winning resort projects, notably for the Shangri-La Hotel group.
The brief for architect Jimmy Lim of CSL Associates was to build a tropical house where the visual boundary between the outside and the inside may sometimes disappear.  Although the bedrooms, study and two of the three pavilions are airconditioned to provide thermal comfort in the sleeping and study areas, the living, dining and other areas retain a significant degree of openness, and is designed to funnel natural ventilation with updraughts of cooling air over water.
Sri Ananda is a residence made up of a series of pavilions built around a particularly-designed “T-shaped” pool.  It has not just one but several distinctive and startlingly lovely and novel architectural features.  It’s style is “contemporary vernacular” but mostly it is unique.
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